Redesigning a Website Without Affecting SEO

Are you thinking “I am redesigning my website what would be the impact of redesigning on my SEO” then read it on. SEO requires to maintain during the entire lifecycle of website and it is must maintained at the time of redesigning a website.

Redesigning a Website

Redesigning a Website – A Step By Step Guide to Redesigning a Website Without Affecting SEO

One you did SEO for my website, not required to do every time even when I am redesigning a website this is common myth every website owner is having. When website is redesigned there are modification of codes and pages happened and these modification affects SEO done in past. During Redesigning a website and once you are done with the redesigning of a website you need to handle these SEO modifications in a proper way.

Careless redesigning of website always leads to a negative result in search engines but if it done properly redesign a website just not give a fresh look to a website but increases SEO strength also. Knowing what are the important factor to keep in mind after website redesigning read complete article to make game of redesign safer.

10 Things to Keep in Mind While Redesigning a Website

There are several things to keep in mind when you are redesigning a website or you are asking a best web development company to redesign your website. Here we have tried to discussed few key points to consider when redesigning a website. So, here are the 10 key points to follow in website design.

Old Pages On Website

Website has a specific structure and if you are redesigning a website you just not change design you will work on the site structure also. Before start working keep backup of site structure. You can use a plugin to download site structure so that you don’t see any impact on ranking. This one is a most critical step of website redesigning because of this you can eliminate duplication of contents or keep track of all contents in old website is covered in new redesigned website or not. Keeping backup simplifies the process.

Use a Temporary URL

Until you complete the redesigning a website always work on temporary URL. It is not at all good practice to use real URL. Make all changes to temporary URL and once you are done with the redesigning of a website make it live on URL. Making all changes on a temporary URL is an easiest way to reduce down time and avoiding effect on your business or customers.


Once you are done with the redesigning a website, stringent testing of new website is required specially for CCS, broken links, every feature on site is working or not etc. Before you set to launch your website testing of entire website and its function is extremely vital. Visit your site as your visitors are viewing and find out how helpful it is and how it is working, spot the problems and ask your developer to solve it.

Correct 301 Redirects:

While you are redesigning a website URL redirection is vital point to consider. Ask your web design company involved in redesigning a website to work on 301 redirect and redirect all old URLs to new URLs. This redirection ensures both old and new page work as one page and drive traffic on same page. Take advice of technical experts and check that old pages and new site take you to same location. Do it for all the pages in old websites if not in new website.

Use New Website

Once testing and 301 redirections is done your website is ready to launch after redesigning a website. While launching website consider weekdays as in theses days people are more consider to view website. Also, try to launch on specific day with large fan fare so you get large amount of new hits on your fresh website.

Use the Google Webmaster or Search Console

Use Google web master or Search Console tools to ensure your website don’t contain any broken links, how sitemap is working, how website is behaving etc. You can use third party latest tools also to examine all this but Google webmaster tools make your job easier so that you can deliver completely working website to the public visitors.

Crawling of website is important, If you want to get to top rank in search engine, then you should ensure that you have all of the required details given to the crawler so that it can bring up the new site rather than the old one. Often redesigning a website stop crawling from search engines. Rank in search results should maintained or on topper side is vital while you redesigning a website and deactivate old website.

Check Robots.txt File

Robots.txt is used to let search engines bots allow all files or blocks from all bots. After redesigning don’t forget to check robots.txt file and confirm that it is not corrupt and working as per new website needs. Check this file and verify with the crawling tools. Take help of webmasters or digital marketing experts and make sure you have updated the robots.txt file properly.

Submit Sitemap

After completing all don’t forget to submit XML sitemaps for search engines and let them know your new structure of website. You can also make XML sitemap with third party tools. Either create it with third party tool or other way only important thing is sitemap.xml should work properly and submitted.

Monitor All Changes

As you hire a company for redesigning a website you need less work to do and they manage entire process but after the launching of new website keep eye on keyword ranking for all new growth. Monitoring of website should done at least for 2-3 months to get proper analysis.


It is important how a company you hired for website redesign keep your website and SEO functional. You can always take a help from a trusted web design agency like Harbour which is having great expertise in redesigning a website in proper way so that website deliver better results. They have satisfied list of clients also.

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