Redesign Ecommerce Website – An Expert View

Ecommerce website redesign can be a big task. Before making decision on redesigning ecommerce website it is must to know best time to redesign ecommerce website. What are the valid reasons of ecommerce website redesigning? Know with us if your ecommerce business really needs website redesign or not.


7 Valid Reasons to Redesign Ecommerce Website – Checklist

Do you thing you are in need to redesign ecommerce website? Are you thinking to redesigning ecommerce website? Then read our detailed discussion about what are the valid reasons to redesign ecommerce website first and make an informative decision on ecommerce website redesigning to gain maximum benefit from redesigning ecommerce website.

Ecommerce Website Redesign Process

There are few areas other than design and functionality that requires focus it includes technical and marketing elements of website. Every best ecommerce web development company follows standard ecommerce website redesign process.

Ecommerce Website Redesigning Process Includes:

  • Creating a fresh look / website design
  • Determining a content migration plan
  • Planning for new content / pages
  • Data migration (current orders. products, customers, passwords)
  • Transfer SEO (titles, links, etc.)
  • Redirects for SEO (301s for new URLs)
  • Integrate Google Analytics
  • Testing and QA
  • New host configuration
  • Launch and test
  • Start on-going SEO and conversion optimization

What Are The Reasons to Redesign Ecommerce Website?

Ecommerce website redesigning should start with the goal in mind as it is a composite task. Be clear with your need from redesigning of ecommerce website and please be realistic in the expectations from ecommerce website redesign. If still you are confused about reasons to revamp ecommerce website design read it out the reasons first and then take a decision.

Checklist To Redesign Ecommerce Website Defined By Experts Is As Below:

Unable to update the website content your self:

If yes, don’t give a second thought just go for ecommerce website redesigning. Online store requires frequent changes like adding products, blocking the sold ones or informing visitors about the new deals and offers on particular products. Consult a good CMS development services provider if require.

Google Analytics is showing high bounce rate and low returns on marketing investment:

Analyze google analytics and if it shows bad state of ecommerce website in terms of sales and visitors behavior get a ecommerce website redesign to remove key problem areas.

Current ecommerce website design does not fit business objectives and target audience:

Consumer behavior, attitudes and buying psychology is changing and if your ecommerce website is not matching your audience don’t delay to redesign ecommerce website.

Does your website lack up-to-date technology?

Ecommerce website should be a scalable for best results. Resolving platform shortcomings improves responsiveness of your ecommerce website.
Does your website have any of the following indication?

  • Ecommerce website is too heavy and takes very long to load?
  • Is outdated technology killing ecommerce sales?
  • Is ecommerce website unable to handle the traffic it is getting?
  • Do you have poorly integrated plugins and features on ecommerce website?

These are the enough indications to understand that you need redesign ecommerce website.

Started with the basic ecommerce template and now need custom ecommerce website:

Due to budget constraint and limited need started with purchasing basic ecommerce template and now business grows and requires customization. If this is a scenario you should go for ecommerce website redesigning as it allows to improves business possibilities and uniqueness.

Want to target mobile and smartphone users?

If current ecommerce website not serve mobiles and smartphones user efficiently never give a second thought hire a best ecommerce web development company like Harbour and go for ecommerce website redesigning. It is a known company that optimize ecommerce website user experience for mobile devices and just don’t set ecommerce website for small screen.

Ecommerce Website Redesign Reasons Mobiles Visitors
Ecommerce Website Redesign Reasons Mobiles Visitors

Reduce Marketing Cost:

If your ecommerce website is completely depending on paid marketing then apply organic SEO tactics. But for that first you need an ecommerce website that return your investment of efforts and money. It is a common belief that digital marketing is a post development game but the fact is it starts from the planning of development phase. If Ecommerce Website Contains Below Three:

  • Limited options for displaying product information (main content of an ecommerce website)
  • No backend control for optimizing details of product images
  • Unfriendly URLs structure

Then your online store need ecommerce website redesign services. Go for detailed website analysis and then initialize ecommerce website redesigning.


Here we have discussed all valid reasons to redesign ecommerce website that may troubling you or preventing the growth of your online store. Not all ecommerce website has all reasons but combination of reasons or single reason drive website towards ecommerce website redesigning. Select best ecommerce solutions for your website.

Analyze your ecommerce website in detail first and then find out the reasons just don’t go blindly. Before asking any company to redesign ecommerce website ask the experts to analyze your ecommerce website and search out which area of website needs improvement. Expert will suggest you if they find any valid reason to redesign ecommerce website. If you want to discuss ecommerce website redesigning with experts just click below.

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