Augment Sales with Augmented Reality Retail Apps

AR in retail apps improves customer experience & retention 10X. Blog discusses how to leverage augmented app development to boost revenues & brand promotion.

AR Retail App Development

Augmented App Development Boost Sales with Immersive Experiences

Building an online store can double or quadruple your B2C, B2B, or D2C sales. Success, however, depends on the experience your store provides to convert potential buyers to customers. People go for a purchase when they are convinced that the product they selected will suit them; doubts translate to abandoned carts. How do you guide a wayward visitor to purchase by resolving all their doubts? The answers come through augmented reality-based features in your retail website or app.

Choosing augmented app development has become essential to keeping your customers engaged with your product and building trust. Having AR in your retail apps reportedly increases buyer engagement by 15% to 25%. Even a 5% increase in buyer engagement can increase sales by six figures to eight figures. You can imagine what 20% more engagement can achieve. Why is AR app development necessary for boosting revenues? You can always contact us to know how augmented reality and AR app development boost your sales but here we have discussed few points.

60%-90% of Your Online Buyers Prefer AR 

By 2025, 60%- 90% of the population using social media and e-commerce will become AR-conversant. All popular e-commerce platforms are already using AR. Online stores not offering AR for product visualizations, placement, and virtual try-ons might experience a continual drop in conversion rates.

Offers 5X More Than In-Store Experience

Using augmented app development, sellers let potential buyers virtually experience their product. For example, sunglass buyers can visualize which products are enhancing their personality. Furniture buyers can discover which ones improve both decor and space optimization.

Highly Enhances Product Experience And Appeal

AR-based retail app development explores features such as gamification, 3D visualizations and personalized views. augmented reality feature keep people hooked to your products and motivate them to make a purchase. Such immersive experiences also encourage people to share your product pages on social media and accelerate brand promotion.

Reduces Abandoned Carts Rate

With augmented app development with company like Harbour, online retailers offer a 360-degree approach to customer interactions. For instance, people looking for curtains can see how the selected items fit into window frames and harmonize with their interiors. When customer doubts are resolved, abandoned cart rates decline significantly.

Optimizes Interactions and Leads

Customers enjoying their experiences with an online retail store are highly likely to share those sentiments on their social media. People love showing off their shopping experiences with social shares, and positive mentions about your brand spread through social networks.


Consider augmented app development if you plan to upgrade your retail website or app. Choose from 50+ features to provide visitors with an experience that will keep them returning to your company. Please contact us for more details.

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