Difference Between Website & Web Portal?

Website and Web Portal both consist web interface but still use and application of both is quite different. Read on to understand how website and web portals are different and what are the main differences between website and web portal.

Website vs Web Portal

Web Portal vs. Website – The Difference Revealed

To understand the difference between website and web portals first we need to understand what is a website and what is a web portal. We will discuss main characteristics website and web portal to reveal the difference.

Here expert from our team elaborates main characteristics and which one is much required for your business. In case if you want to learn more or interested in creating your website or web portal don’t hesitate to contact us.

General Overview of Website and Web Portal

Website – Documented definition of website is collection of interlinked web pages hosted on same domain name and published on at least on web server. Website can be static, dynamic or interactive.

Web Portal – it is a private location on servers with specific URLs, Web portals are more like user centric management system that allow its user to share, exchange and create reusable information. Web portals can be horizontal or vertical.

Decided to go on web but confused between website and web portal them stop wavering between this two. Usually everyone finds website and web portal similar but expert web development company can help not only to differentiate but help in decision process. Make informed decision by just reading entire article.

As we read main difference between both is audience website is open to broader audience while web portals are for specific groups of people. Website contains generalized contents in contrast web portals contains personalized contents which are mostly available after signups. Although in recent time both overlap the functions.

Comparison of Website and Web Portals

Team at Harbour tried to create short guided tour here with few comparisons that help to make your decision easy.

Audience – Don’t get confused if you want to share contents with broader audience and anonymous users go for website and if you want to share it with specific audience go for web portal.

Control of Content – Website may help you in delivering and managing contents but if your business requires advanced control over what each user see then select web portals.

IT Ecosystem – If your business don’t require multiple integrations with other business apps select website but if you expect to use third party apps and work with them coherently then it would be wise idea to go for web portal.

Other 3 Website and Web Portals Comparison Factors are

Aim – Website is more useful in promoting product or services to audience and web portals only target specific groups.

Benefits – Simple content management, promote a service or product and attracts a larger audience are the major benefits of website while advanced content management, training opportunities and building customer relation are the main benefits of web portals.

Features – Websites are easy to create and can be accessed on any device in contrast to this web portals are self service tools and have adequate user personalization.

When To Use Website?

If your business need independent site then internal system and primary focus is to deliver and manage contents to end user to get traffic website is useful tool.

When To Use Web Portals?

Your business requires multiple systems integrated in single visual design for specific audience, need enhance customer company relations, need control over the what users see or access or advanced user management and user authority features required web portals are good option.

So, Website or Web Portal Which is The Tight Option for Your Business?

Fight between website and web portal is actual tie and answer depends on business goal. If primary goal is to attract new users or increased sales you need website. If your business objective is better customer management web portal would be a good choice. Web portal is also best fit for efficient collaboration between your business and vendors or partners. And if you are still unsure about your choice and what your business require, feel super sure we help you in a reliable implementation. Don’t hesitate just contact our team and we would be happy to help in your business growth.

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