Why RFPs Won’t Solve Your Software Problem?

Are you looking to outsource software development or going to hire software development company for your software problem? First you think about Request for Proposal (RFP) to find right software development partner. But some time RFP’s not satisfies the actual goal of searching potential vendor whom you trust, complete project successfully on time within your budget.

RFP Won't Solve Your Software Problems

Get Protection of Discovery Process Against RFP for Software Problems

Any professional should consider RFP (Request for Proposal) as one of the most important documents. The document contains what kind of software development services you require. If we see the main things that your RFP need to have are purpose, background, what kind of work that requires to be done, expertise and skillset. Once you publically ask for bids, you start receiving quotation from different IT agencies. Basically, RFP is about finding a professional company who can cater your requirements in a best possible way at lowest price.

However, it is important to know that no matter how precise your RFP is, it is not going to clear all the paths for you to have state-of-the-art software solution. The success ratio of RFP is not quite pleasing as there are more negative side of this than positive.

Many companies make mistakes in finding the right software development partner to help them out with the situation, but in hurry they forget to evaluate and analysis their problems and also the other party. Before making any final decision the company needs to plan their requirement prepare the blueprint of their strategy.

Here is the process that you need to follow:

  • When you analyze, the first thing that you need to do is to recognize the requirements that you need to for your Custom Software Development.
  • You can include in your discovery process of studying of your own data, consulting various departments of your company and trying to know the customers point and taking them into account.
  • Once you get clear idea about your requirement, you need to get all the points analyzed carefully. You can jot down the points such as what particular feature you want to be written in the software development.
  • You also need to consider what will be the final solution look like, with having all the necessary features and functions.

Once you get the adequate answers to all these things then you can go ahead with the development process.

One of the reasons that companies leave such process is that at first it appears as time consuming and costly. However, in reality the process helps in saving the both. You might have to pay a Software Development Company less, once you know what you exactly need. When you take help of such company for the discovery process, you work with their development team and that helps you to recognize the skillset that company has for catering your requirement. Professional companies like Harbour is a technology consulting firm delivering range of software solutions for global clients with adequate resources and skillset.

When the software development companies bid to solve your concerns, most of them are desperately in need of work and they might not even have the skillset to give you right solution. These companies have teams for responding such requirements and in most of the cases the developers are not aware about the details about your project. So you don’t have to consider their responding ability as their project solving ability. It is important that you take discovery process more seriously as it can save your time and money and prevents you from taking the wrong direction to reach your destination.

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