Transcription Services Process at Harbour

Harbour follows a stringent transcription services process to ensure efficiency, accuracy and quality of our transcription services. Unique transcription services process to add completeness in services.

Transcription Process

Custom Process to Get Complete Transcription Solution

Harbour values quality and accuracy of transcripts therefore we have developed unique and flexible transcription process.  Our aim is to deliver secure and confidential services. We are offering quality transcription services through our exclusive transcription process.

Our transcription process helps us for prompt delivery of accurate transcripts and makes you smile. Our process is designed in a way that satisfies requirements of small business to large enterprises and most demanding deadlines.

Basic Transcription Services:

  • Sample Run
  • Feedback
  • Proposal and Contract Signing
  • Voice to Text Process
  • Proofreading of Transcripts
  • Quality Control
  • Delivery

Our transcribers follow standard voice to text process and then double check the transcripts after confirmation of transcribers, our proofreaders proofread the transcripts and finally our experienced and skilled editors review and edit transcripts along with the audio to reduce error possibility.

We have developed matchless transcription process for our exclusive clients and they get highest leve of satisfaction and accuracy level along with free re-review. Our process helps us to deliver quick and easy transcription with guaranteed quality.

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