Key Elements to Make A Good Website

Functional elements like layout and contents make good looking and high performing web design. In Making first impression to potential clients good looking website design plays vital role.

A website is like a invitation of business but do you know what makes a good website? It is important to focus during web design phase to add functional elements to make high performing website design

Foundations of What Makes A Good Website

Website is an identity of any business and brands. Having a website means someone is working for business every hour even when we sleep. Website makes a first impression of brand in visitors mind. Therefore, it is vital to have a solid website design inclusive of every functional element to style.

Every brand and business work hard to convey trustworthiness through quality website. Visitor retention and user engagement are the matrices to define key elements of good website. Let’s discuss the few of the key elements to make a good website and features of forward-looking web design.


It is old saying but still the beater truth that “Content is a king”. Undoubtedly there are many elements that play a role in making a good website but contents are extremely important element. Through the content a brand communicates with the visitors and conveys their message to users.

Content is a like a human element of a website. Now what kind of contents are more preferred for a good website answer is simple contents should exceed the expectations rather than just answering questions of visitors.

Also remember that well written informative contents with useful and clear points not only satisfy the requirements and expectations of customer but also contribute to a search engine optimization (SEO).

Engagement and Promotion:

Well written and optimized contents help to develop engagement along with the functional website design. Engaging users through multiple channels increase the chances of a brand. Also, with engagement promotion plays a key role in success of a website. There are plenty of ways to promote a website but social media and newsletter are two popular way of a promotion along with the SEO.

Newsletter inspires visitors to browse new products, seasonal sales, markdowns, new content and more. Maintaining regular schedule of a sending newsletter is good choice. Social media is undebatable option for promoting product and services of brands. Social media allows brand to build trust and gain confidence of visitors.

However, for promotion few other techniques like publishing articles and updates, utilize a friendly pop-up message on home page are also effective and help brands to invite visitors to quickly input their email address that helps in effective email promotion and increased customer base.

Thus, social media marketing is a good tool to promote a website, if you have tools like Google Analytics installed in website you can easily manage the data and know the facts how social media marketing is helping you in overall strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

What makes a good website is an important but it is equally important that someone finds website and visits the website. Search engine optimization is a solid, tested and easy way to reach potential clients or customers of products and services.

SEO Services facilitates the brands to easily engage with their potential customers. As it is constantly evolving field it is necessary to devote time and efforts for regular updates and strategy modification for long term success.  Regular SEO audits on website not just wins business for you but also increases the opportunities for growth.


It is a commonly known fact that dysfunctional or confusing layouts of website not attract visitors and users leave the site early. Fluid design and a more user-friendly interface are always more preferred by end users. Poor layout design increases the bounce rate and somewhat also affects on overall SEO of website and ranking. If visitors of website finds multiple site errors, restricted pages, or dead ends they leave the website with the bad impression. Convenience and ease are always on top-priority for visitors of website as this helps to increase sales and reference visitors. So it is necessary to put product pages or contact page in layout more effectively.

Tracking Progress

Above listed all elements just not make a good website but also build the trust. However, changes in existing website must be done with the proper analysis of data provided by the various reporting tools like Google Analytics. Theses analytical tools allow us to know details of visitors like how long users stay on certain pages and what information or services are attracting them. If you are owning ecommerce platform it is necessary to combine the reports of both external reporting tool and platform you are using for store. Reports from platform like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce etc. are also vital for developing best sales strategies and opportunities for products or categories.

Final Thoughts

When you are in process of website development services it is good to see website as per the visors prospective. Many question arise when you are developing or re-designing a website like What should be the navigation? Which would be the best experience for end users? Which is best web development technology? Can visitor easily engage with the product or services? Is contact information is prominent or easily accessible? There are many companies providing website development and design services but best web development company knows the right answer of all these questions and guide you towards success. Make a customer delightful with a great experience and easy navigation, Harbour is here to help you out with a good and user friendly website design and development. Invest wisely and message us to build a website with a long term success strategy. 

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